Sanford Children’s Hospital Ambassador

2020 Ambassador – Ben Wieman

The Sanford International, in partnership with the Sanford Health Foundation, has named Ben Wieman as the 2020 Sanford Children’s Hospital Ambassador. Wieman, 10 years old and from Madison, will represent Sanford Children’s Hospital at tournament events throughout the year.

On January 31, 2017, Ben was transported by ambulance to Sanford Children’s Hospital in Sioux Falls. After seeing a team of doctors, Ben was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He had 95-percent leukemia cells in his bone marrow and 75-percent of the bad cells in his blood. Ben spent the next 24 days in the hospital fighting for his life.

After years of treatments and check-ups, on April 10, Ben rang the bell at Sanford Children’s Hospital with his parents Bryan and Carrie and older brother Jake, a moment that marked the end of his cancer treatment.

2019 Ambassador – Avery Hill

Avery was born premature with two brain bleeds, so doctors told her parents to expect a cerebral palsy diagnosis as she got older. Just after her first birthday, that diagnosis came. Cerebral palsy affects Avery’s lower body the most—the muscles in her legs are stiff and her movements often stiff and jerky. She utilizes a walker or a wheelchair to get around and loves hippotherapy with horses and adaptive aquatics!

2018 Ambassadors – Jaxon & Jeren Scheff

Jaxon & Jeren both suffer the effects of a rare genetic disorder. For Jaxon, the disorder has caused breathing complications and vision impairment. For Jeren, it’s been far more severe. Jerenwas born blind, struggling to breathe. They were close to losing him a few times. He still has chronic respiratory issues so severe that he can’t be left alone. Both boys are full of energy and love raising money for Sanford Children’s Hospital.



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