Birdies Give Back

In 2020, the Sanford International worked in conjunction with the Sanford Health Foundation to create a new fundraising initiative called Birdies Give Back. This program incorporated charitable giving with the performance of the PGA TOUR Champions professionals at the 2020 Sanford International. Those who participated had the opportunity to pledge a one-time amount or a per-birdie amount with one-hundred percent of the money directed to Sanford Children’s Hospital and the Sanford World Clinic. The Birdies Give Back program marries the game of golf and charity in a way that allows all interested spectators and fans to make a difference in the lives of children. With a record 845 birdies made during the three competition rounds in 2020, the Birdies Give Back program raised nearly $100,000 in its inaugural year!

Changing lives

Make a one-time gift or pledge to give back to the Sanford Health Foundation for every birdie scored during the fourth annual Sanford International golf tournament, September 17 to 19.


How it works

Donate now or pledge 1 cent or more for every birdie scored during the three-day 2021 Sanford International tournament.

After the final putt, your gift will be calculated and your credit card will be charged with your committed amount. You will receive an email receipt the week of Sept. 20.


Birdies by year

2018 – 705
2019 – 707
2020 – 845

If 710 birdies are scored this year, for example, your total pledge would be:

2 cents: $14.20
5 cents: $35.50
10 cents: $71
25 cents: $177.50
50 cents: $355
75 cents: $532.50

100% to the cause

Your gift will help care for kids and families in the Sanford region and across the globe by benefiting Sanford World Clinic and Sanford Children’s through the Sanford Health Foundation.

Learn more about the Sanford Health Foundation HERE 


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