Holly Huntimer

     2024 Sanford Children’s Hospital Ambassador

The Sanford International has named Holly Huntimer of Sioux Falls, the 2024 Sanford Children’s Hospital Ambassador. Huntimer will represent the Sanford Children’s Hospital at tournament events throughout the year. When Huntimer was 5 years old, she was diagnosed with parameningeal rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive form of cancer. Scans revealed that she had a tumor about the size of a lime inside the soft tissue of her cheek on the right side of her face. Holly began chemotherapy and is now in remission. She still receives IVIG infusions at the Sanford Children’s Hospital and has routine scans to monitor any changes.

Huntimer is the eighth Sanford Children’s Hospital Ambassador, joining Jaxon and Jeren Scheff (2018), Avery Hill (2019), Ben Wieman (2020), Cobey DeSchepper (2021), Sam Matheson (2022) and Landyn Keiser (2023).

Please welcome Holly and join us on Friday, September 13 to watch her start the Tournament with the opening tee shot down number 1 fairway!

With your support, the Sanford International is making a lasting impact in the lives of children just like Holly. Whether it’s partnering with the tournament, volunteering, or purchasing a ticket, you are helping raise money for Sanford Children’s Hospital, Sanford World Clinic, and other local children’s charities!