Landyn Keiser

     2023 Sanford Children’s Hospital Ambassador

Sanford Health and the Sanford International are honored to introduce Landyn Keiser as this year’s Sanford Children’s Hospital Ambassador. In 2021, Landyn developed Compartment Syndrome in both of his lower extremities after a UTV crash. Compartment Syndrome occurs when there is a buildup of pressure due to internal bleeding or swelling of tissues. After the UTV’s roll bars pinned him face down behind his knees, he was airlifted to Sanford Children’s Hospital. There he was immediately taken into surgery. With the help of Sanford Health’s collaborative and all-encompassing Team, Landyn is recovering through physical therapy and working his way back to playing sports and living an active life.

Landyn is from Fordyce, Nebraska and is 15 years old. An avid sports fan, Landyn recently took up golf and is ready to take on all of the Tournament Week responsibilities. Please welcome Landyn and join us on Friday, September 15 to watch him start the Tournament with the opening tee shot down number 1 fairway!

With your support, the Sanford International is making a lasting impact in the lives of children just like Landyn. Whether it’s partnering with the tournament, volunteering, or purchasing a ticket, you are helping raise money for Sanford Children’s Hospital, Sanford World Clinic, and other local children’s charities!