Committee Spotlight

2020 Volunteer Committees

 Not sure which committee is the best fit for you? Meet our 2020 Volunteer Chairs and hear their perspective of each committee.

Nan Baker – Volunteer Headquarters and Uniforms

  1. Describe your Volunteer Headquarters/Uniform Committee. We are the tournament Kitchen Table. Our committee creates a gathering place to share meals, good times, memories, heavy hearts, fickleness and folly.
  2. Why do you volunteer? After doing it most of my life, I’ve found out, I’m pretty darn good at it. Also the mission of this tournament aligns with one of my core beliefs, continuous improvement. As a result we are making an economic impact and supporting local charitable organizations. All the while, experiencing memorable golf.
  3. What is your favorite part about volunteering for Sanford International? A mixture of volunteer, spectator and golf professional’s mindset; focused, motivated, positive, fun. There is an infectious energy and we keep bringing it back.
  4. Where is your hometown? Spencer, Iowa. Home of the Clay County Fair. I’m proud of my NW Iowa roots.

Austin Bramley – Driving Range/Practice Facilities

  1. Describe your Driving Range/Practice Facilities Committee. When volunteer training began for the 2019 Sanford International, very few of us on the Driving Range / Practice Facilities committee knew one another, but by Sunday’s final round, relationships were formed, and friendships were bonded. As cheesy and cliché as that sounds it is absolutely the truth. During the week of the Sanford International, we are tasked with maintaining the driving range, short game area and putting green by ensuring golf balls are available for practice for both professional golfers and amateurs on Pro-Am days. Additionally, we assisted with general operations including identifying players with their appropriate nameplates, verifying credentials, distributing range balls by hand and helping with clinics.
  2. Why do you volunteer? The Sanford International is a premier event in Sioux Falls and it is an honor to be involved in such a successful event. Working on the driving range is labor intensive and can sometimes get a little hectic but knowing that we play a key part in making sure the professionals have a top-notch experience at Minnehaha Country Club is very rewarding.
  3. What is your favorite part about volunteering for Sanford International? My favorite part about volunteering for the Sanford International is being apart of a major sporting event while being up close to all the action. Additionally, I enjoy meeting new people and providing the professionals a first-class experience during their time in Sioux Falls.
  4. Why should someone sign up for your committee? I encourage those who enjoy sports, love being outdoors and interacting with different types of people for the greater good of the Sanford International to volunteer. Volunteering at this PGA Champions Tour event is enjoyable and rewarding! I hope to see you in September 2020!

Debbie Fuerst – Tournament Office

  1. Describe your Tournament Office Committee. The Tournament Office Volunteer Committee spends two weeks (one before and one during tournament week) helping out the tournament staff with whatever task might need to be done – packaging uniforms, answering phones and questions, addressing envelopes, laminating maps, etc., putting together information books – just doing whatever task the staff might ask of us. Some times there are opportunities to help out in the months leading up to the tournament as well.
  2. Why do you volunteer? It is a great opportunity to help out, to make use of some of the skills I’ve acquired over the years, to contribute to the community as well as an opportunity to meet new people.
  3. What is your favorite part about volunteering for Sanford International? Working with the staff and the wonderful volunteers. It is so interesting to visit with all the volunteers – not just those I’m fortunate enough to have on my committee but other committee volunteers as well – to see where they are from and what their jobs are during the tournament. Also the opportunity at times to get out on the course and watch the action – something I’d never done before. It’s awesome watching the pro golfers.
  4. Why should someone sign up for your committee? It is a wonderful opportunity to perhaps try something new, to see what goes on behind the scenes to put on a golf tournament of this caliber. It is an interesting experience with opportunities to experience some of the on-course action and possibly meet some of the players. It can be a fun, sometimes challenging but rewarding opportunity to experience a behind-the-scenes look at a pro-tour event. We are also in an environment-controlled atmosphere so it doesn’t matter what the weather might be outside.
  5. Where is your hometown? I was born in Yankton but my family moved around southeastern South Dakota a bit when I was young. However, Sioux Falls has been my home since graduating from Canton High School almost too many years ago to remember.
  6. Additional comments: When I first read that this golf tournament was slated for Sioux Falls and looking for volunteers, I told my husband I wanted to be part of it. It has been a wonderful experience. I’ve learned so much and worked with such great people. The fact that thousands of dollars has been raised to benefit local charities and organizations has just added to the overall impact the tournament has had on Sioux Falls. It is a great time!

Sara Ghyselinck & Sue Cox – Communications

  1. Describe your Communications Committee. Is a group of people that are responsible to assist the person assigned to have a radio, how to use the equipment, distribute and monitor 16 channels/175 radios.
  2. Why do you volunteer? Because I enjoy being involved in events that help so many people
  3. What is your favorite part about volunteering for Sanford International? The most favorite part about being part of the Sanford International is meeting all of the people that are part of the event. There are life long friends to be made at this event.
  4. Where is your hometown? Otsego, MN and Bloomington, MN

Steve & Sue Hauff – Marshal Committee

  1. Describe your Marshal Committee. Marshalls are on every hole to assist golfers. Duties are to help keep spectators quiet as golfers are hitting, assist in locating and guarding arrant golf shots, assist golfers and caddies whenever needed.
  2. Why do you volunteer? Steve and I have volunteered for PGA, LPGA and Champions golf events for many years. We felt with our experience we could help make the Sanford golf event a success
  3. What is your favorite part about volunteering for Sanford International? I think our favorite part of volunteering is getting up close with the professional golfer. And getting to know other volunteers. We have met people from all over the country and always look forward to seeing them again year after year.
  4. Why should someone sign up for your committee? For all the reasons we just mentioned. It’s a great experience and it helps also to promote our great city of Sioux Falls. Without volunteers, events like the Sanford International wouldn’t happen.
  5. Where is your hometown? I’m from Sioux Falls. Steve is an Iowa guy but has been in Sioux Falls since 1970.
  6. Additional comments: We encourage people to get involved. If not as a volunteer, then at least as a spectator.

Paula Schreurs – Media

  1. Describe your Media Committee. The media committee helps check in the media teams throughout the week, we are also the welcome committee as players check in for the week and volunteers have questions. We are also available to run errands for the Tournament Committee.
  2. Why do you volunteer? I volunteer because I love the game of golf and have been playing since I was a small child. The excitement of the week and seeing the action are also perks of becoming a volunteer. I also appreciate that the money raised is helping our local children.
  3. What is your favorite part about volunteering for Sanford International? My favorite part of volunteering is the networking with people across the country who have come to Sioux Falls to see our beautiful community and participate in a PGA event. The Sanford International is an amazing event and it’s very special to help showcase Minnehaha Country Club, Sioux Falls and our local charities.
  4. Why should someone sign up for your committee? We are in a climate controlled environment and you get to see many players as they check in and out for the tournament.
  5. Where is your hometown? My hometown is Sioux Falls, SD.

Sara Steffensen – Standard Bearer

  1. Describe your Communications Committee. You are a live walking scoreboard for your group! Standard Bearers work in pairs along with a walking scorer. As the Standard Bearer you will need to track the score of each player and update the score on a hole by hole basis.
  2. Why do you volunteer? I love to give back in anyway I can so I am always looking for volunteer opportunities. It is also fun to connect with different people while you volunteer and see them year after year at the tournament.
  3. What is your favorite part about volunteering for Sanford International? My favorite part of volunteering for Sanford International is being able to watch golf while I volunteer. My family and I are golf crazy and we make this a family affair. My husband and son also volunteer during the tournament. My daughter gets mad because she is too young to volunteer. In addition, it is great to see Sanford International give back to the community around us as a direct result of this tournament.
  4. Why should someone sign up for your committee? You get to walk inside the ropes! While being a Standard Bearer you have one of the best seats in the house.
  5. Where is your hometown? Worthington, MN